Thursday, April 9, 2015

Did I Not Predict

...that, surely if I installed the steps in front of the JayBee, snow would follow? New snow has fallen during four of the last five days. Usually it would snow an inch or less...

...and it would melt as the sun hit it.

This is what I woke up to today! Really?! It's heavy and deep. At least I have the car parked in a way that blocks the plow guy from slamming into my new steps.


  1. Poor George. This is cutting into his sunbathing.
    I guess it could be bothersome for homebuilders also...


  2. Funny you should mention George... He confidently charged the door this morning, wanting to go outside. I opened the door and he leapt--only to stop short when his front two paws plunged deep into the snow. He still went out there, but he also quickly came back in and curled up to sleep inside.