Friday, April 3, 2015

Steps 3

Anticipating assembling the steps for the JayBee, I made these step connectors.

And I made these pieces that I call "feet" for the steps.

Today was so warm; it actually reached 66 degrees! I decided today was setup day for the steps. First, though, I added another topcoat of stain/sealer to all of the steps. I added a non-skid additive to the stain so the surface of the steps will have a gritty surface rather than be super-slick when wet. (Every time I shoveled snow off the deck this winter, the surface of the deck boards was so slippery I had to work hard not to fall. Thus, the additive.)

I added a coat of the non-skid stain to the entryway step as well.

Here's the bottom step with the feet added.

And the bottom step with the connectors attached.

The middle step with the feet and connectors added.

Top step with feet.

Here are the top two steps assembled.

Finally, all the steps assembled and set in place!

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Very slowly, the snow is leaving my yard. I can see the top of my septic-pump caution sign again.

The hillside behind the JayBee faces south, so most of the snow is gone there.

Directly behind the JayBee, the snow has finally melted away from the the north wall of the house.

In the woods, though, there is still plenty of snow.

A few mornings ago, I was surprised to see frost not only on the top surface of everything, including the JayBee's roof, but all over the sides as well.

George spends all day outside again. Sleeping on the hillside...

...following me around and chattering at me all day...

...and sleeping in the hay up against the house. (The hay is exposed thanks to the FairPoint repair guy who stomped on the plastic earlier this week and tore it away from the house.)

Open water again! Today, large chunks of ice moved upstream on the incoming tide, and then back downstream on the outgoing tide.

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