Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Sweltering Heat of April

[This post is dedicated to Shannon.]

This may be hard to believe... I have been too hot for the last three days! While working outside on the JayBee, I have been sweltering--sweating a lot and drinking tons of water. I hope it is just that my body is still in winter mode and hasn't acclimated to spring yet because the temperature hasn't gone above 70 degrees and most of the time it has been considerably lower.

I took time out from construction yesterday to install an awning on the front of the JayBee. It doesn't provide a ton of shade, but it does keep the doorway and house much cooler.

Just feet away, in front of the JayBee, there is still quite a bit of snow...

...and, of course, there is still snow behind the house as well.

Weird, I know, that I should feel so hot. I am not complaining, believe me. I'm sure that, a few months from now, I will wish for the return of early spring temperatures.

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