Saturday, April 18, 2015

Corner Trim 2

It occurred to me today that I didn't explain in my last post why I am installing corner trim on the JayBee. After all, there are really good reasons to forgo the corner trim and simply interweave the cedar shingles at the corners of the house: 1) It would be less expensive. Trim boards, especially long ones, are expensive. 2) Even though interweaving shingles takes some time, it would probably take less time than it takes to make the complicated cuts at the tops of the corner trim boards. 3) I think the house would be more aesthetically pleasing with interwoven shingles at the corners. So, why the corner trim then? If I was building this house on a non-moving foundation, I would not have corner trim. The JayBee is on a trailer, though; it is mobile and may go down the road at some point. If something ever struck a corner of the house, I figure a corner trim board could be replaced. Fixing smashed interwoven shingles would be a lot more difficult. I also think the shingles would be less likely to catch the wind at high speeds with the corner trim in place.

Originally, I thought I would install corner trim on every corner around the outside of the house. I have since changed my mind. I will use corner trim on only the four outermost corners of the house. All the other corners--around the east and west end bumpouts, and around the entryway--will have interwoven shingles.

I trimmed the southeast corner of the JayBee today. First, the templates...

then the cut and assembled trim boards.

Stained and ready for installation.


After I was done installing the corner trim, I double-checked the trim length with the story pole--and had a small heart attack because the trim was about a half inch too short. My mind was already racing through possible solutions when I realized that I had held the story pole upside down! (This after, anticipating I would do this very thing, I had purposely made large marks on the pole to identify which end is up!) I turned it around, and the trim was right on the mark.

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As usual, Bear demanded pets and scratches when I took a break.

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