Sunday, April 19, 2015

Corner Trim 3

Last night's rain cleared off, so I worked on the corner trim on the northeast corner of the JayBee today.

First, the flashing. You probably can't tell from the photo below, but the ladder is mired in mud. Good, mucky clay! At least the snow is almost completely gone from the north side of the JayBee.

I noticed today that the housewrap on the east and north sides of the JayBee looks almost new--not nearly as worn and faded as on the south side. Guess it's that sun doing its thing.

The templates. Some of you may be wondering why I make new templates for each corner. Can't I just use the first set I made? Those corner rafters were so hard to install, I felt lucky to get each one up there. No two of them sit exactly the same way. (Hey, one person's hack job is another person's piece of art! :-)

Trim cut and joined.

Stained and screws ready.


One more corner to go.

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  1. Some of the things you've accomplished--that bicycle trek, the chair and now this meticulous trimwork--have me absolutely awestruck.

  2. Hi DWR! I am glad you are appreciating some of the details. All these details need to add up to a house at some point. In fact, I am giving myself four more months to finish up this project, so hopefully my progress will pick up pace this spring. Clearly, I am too meticulous to be speedy, so I hope many long days add up.