Monday, October 24, 2011

Roof Rafters 7

When I packed everything away at dusk on Saturday, this is what I had done.

It is almost as challenging to cut some of the blocks as it is to cut the angle cuts on the rafters. Here is the block for the southwest end corner after I finally had it ready.

Guess who was all over me and in the way? No, not Bear!

The blocks along the south wall were easy to cut and install by comparison.

I even cut the corner rafter to the right length--in anticipation of some sheathing going up.

I was feeling on a roll. Before moving on to continue the northwest corner of the roof, I decided to drive some long screws through the ridge board and into the rafters on the opposite side. As I was driving the tenth screw, I felt a sudden *sproing* in my lower back. Brought me to a dead stop--but I did not fall off the ceiling joists. (I'm into counting my lucky stars.) It took a half hour for me to climb down the ladder and inch my way into the house. I was done for the day!

Dale and Arlen came over late in the day and installed the first piece of roof sheathing. A very exciting moment!

Update on back injury: When I first got out of bed this morning, walking was so painful I was nauseous and sweating profusely. Not good. Stayed home from work and saw my chiropractor late in the day. Walking is a little easier now. Baby steps...

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