Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blizzard Prep

After the difficult week I've had, the last thing I wanted to hear was that snow (and maybe even a blizzard) was headed here this weekend. It's not even November yet! Autumn so far has been mild enough that even the plants have been confused; check out these new flowers.

When I returned home late last night, I found that the tarps on the JayBee had blown around again. (This after the western end came uncovered on Tuesday and Dale came over to help get it recovered--since I couldn't climb around and wrestle with heavy tarps with my dysfunctional back. I used a cane all week, saw the chiropractor three times, and was basically miserable all week.) I left things as they were last night.

I was amazed to find that I could get out of bed this morning without crying--without even a whimper. Good timing for a significant improvement in my back because I needed to get things ready for a major snowstorm. So much for my preferred plan: to lay low all weekend so my back could really heal.

I needed to re-cover the JayBee...

and move lumber and saws out of the plow's way.

I spent about an hour wrestling with the tarp that hadn't completely blown off the house. It was frigid out there!

Then I began moving all the bits and pieces. I moved carefully and slowly--to preserve my back as much as possible. I used the wheelbarrow in creative ways to keep me from lifting heavy loads. I used long boards as a ramp to get the saws inside the JayBee.

Finally, I had the driveway ready for snow and plowing.

I re-stacked and consolidated the remaining lumber piles and made sure they were well covered. The last thing I did was finish covering the JayBee. Instead of relying on the bricks to hold the tarps in place (since that has not been working very well in high winds--duh!) I tied the tarps to the underside of the trailer. Hopefully the tarps will stay in place during the coming storm.

Done at 6:00. Phew! (Snow was forecast to start at 7:00 but didn't actually start until after 8:30.) I am not moving tomorrow! My back is due for some real pampering.

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