Sunday, October 30, 2011

Surviving the First Storm

We didn't get hit as hard with this first snowstorm of the season as some of the states south of here were hit. The snow came down so heavy and wet that there were stretches when it was really raining more than snowing. I woke up several times during the night--either from the wind or from hearing the bricks slam into the side of the JayBee. At 6:00 I awoke with a start because I heard a noise that sounded like one of the huge tarps had taken off in the wind and was soaring above the house. I bolted out of bed (well, as much as my sad body can bolt these days) and checked outside. Thankfully, the tarps were still covering the JayBee and the lumber piles in the yard. (I still have no idea what made the noise that woke me up.)

After the sun rose, this is what the JayBee looked like. I assumed that there must be some moisture getting inside the JayBee from the snow sitting on the tarps (after all, those tarps have been through a lot and are not in pristine shape any more), but I didn't worry about it.

By mid afternoon, the sun came out and the snow continued to melt. I managed to catch a bit of the effect of the high wind in this next photo.

When I went out to check the inside of the JayBee, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the inside was completely dry!

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