Sunday, October 16, 2011

Roof Rafters 5

I began work on the JayBee today by removing the tarp from the west end of the house and taking pictures of the corner rafter I installed at dusk yesterday.

I left this rafter long for now; I will cut it to the right length when I put up the trim boards on the outside of the rafter tails.

This was one of those instances where Bear joined me up on top of the house and then complained when I left him up there alone.

Next, I worked on the last rafter needed for the southwest corner of the roof. After climbing up and down the ladder about four times as I made each cut on the rafter, I thought I had it ready to install. I actually thought, "Hey, maybe I'm understanding this enough to get a little momentum going." Ah, wrong. On that last trip up the ladder to install the rafter, it was horribly obvious that I'd totally misunderstood the last cut. Aargh! I started all over. Below is a photo that compares the two rafters. The one on the right is the one I cut first. The one on the left is the one I eventually installed. Notice that the angle cuts on the closest edges are different; what was required was the compound angle cut on the left rafter. (By the way, the holes I'm drilling along the top edges of these end rafters are for air circulation on the underside of the roof.)

And here it is installed:

I even had time enough today to cut and install the first end rafter for the northwest corner of the roof.

Dale and Arlen say they'll help with roof sheathing next weekend--weather permitting, of course. A bit of progress!

And for those of you who enjoy Bear's antics...

I even managed to capture Bear's whining/complaining!

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