Tuesday, August 23, 2011

South Wall 4

Yippee! The south wall is up! We didn't have any extra hands available during the raising, so this is all I captured for photos. This all went amazingly smoothly.

While Dale and Arlen held the wall, I attached the bottom plate to the sill.

I ran out of daylight pretty quickly after Dale and Arlen left. I managed to put up a brace on either end of this new wall section, but that's it. Still to do: some fastening on the top plate, installation of the entryway header, and the rest of the sheathing. As I was packing things away for the night, my demon cat jumped up in the windowsill and proceeded to claw the side! (If he even attempts this on any finished wall, I'll be posting photos of felon kitty. I told him this. See how concerned he is?)

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  1. Yeah baby! Making killer progress. Walls are good as they lead to a roof.

    About the cat... ah, not only do I not see any concern in said kitty's demeanor, I see a hint of "Yea, try it lady. We'll see who's running this show" in his eyes.

    I know this as my cat also gives me the stink eye when I dare attempt to reprimand him.

  2. Yay! Yay!! I love the view looking down the inside from the west end -- it seems so spacious (seriously) :-)

    But hey, what about that *hurricane* that seems to be be barreling in your direction? Yikes! I wish you could be spared any more extreme rain till you can get the roof on...

  3. P.S. What did you use the compressor for?

  4. I really appreciate all the enthusiasm and support; thanks!

    Probably it's hurricane thoughts that have me up, unable to sleep, at this hour. ::sigh:: I won't have a roof on the JayBee by the time Irene arrives, but I have hopes for a ridge board by then. We'll see. In the meantime, thunderstorms are predicted for Thursday afternoon. ::another sigh::

    I used the compressor to run the stapler I used to attach the sill seal before we raised the wall. This was fodder for endless razzing from my "helpers"--both for using that stapler and for my fussiness with the sill seal. I'll take whatever razzing is necessary if I get a wall out of the deal. (Besides, Dale conceded that the stapler is a pretty cool item. :-)