Friday, August 5, 2011


Wednesday morning this week, I was expecting a plumber to come work on my JayBee. He had stopped by the week before, discussed and surveyed the project with me, and said he would come work on the house with me on Wednesday. First thing Wednesday morning, I took the time to outline with tape the major areas to be plumbed.

At 10:00, when there was still no plumber here, I called and left a message asking when he planned to get here so I could plan my construction for the day. The plumber later left me a message saying he didn't think he'd be able to work on my project after all because since he'd agreed to do it he'd heard from two people who wanted new, large houses plumbed out. In other words, he stood me up and would not have even explained his change of heart and plans had I not called and asked. :-(


  1. That is, unfortunately, the experience I've had with most contractors; plumbers, electricians, roofers, you name it.

  2. That is so sad! Common courtesy would dictate otherwise. Besides, in my job, I would never be allowed to (nor would I even consider) treating others this way. The search for contractors is proving to be one of the more daunting aspects of this project. (Who knew?! And people keep asking "why don't you pay other people to do this?" There are lots of reasons. Here's another one to add to the list.)

  3. What on earth is happening to people? Common courtesy (and customer service) seems to have disappeared.

    You had made an oral contract with the plumber and he voided it for larger jobs! And to top it all off, he didn't even inform you so you could find another plumber.

    Unfortunately, I've found this to be much more common these days. The only thing we can do is cross off that plumber as a reliable contractor and never recommend him.