Saturday, August 6, 2011

South Wall 1

The day began with the framing of the east end of the south wall ready for plywood sheathing.

My climbing cat was a bit of a diversion... was the fact that the plywood seemed to be milled just for me...

For those who have been wondering why George doesn't appear in the blog very often... His visits to the worksite are more brief than Bear's probably in part due to the fact that, with his black fur, he quickly cooks in the direct sunlight. (See him under the tarp four photos back?)

Dale arrived during the early afternoon and helped apply the rest of the sheathing.

Paula, Frida, and Lilly arrived, and Frida became the official photographer for the rest of the wall raising. Here is Frida with safety glasses on.

Then we raised the wall...

...slid it into place, plumbed it, and fastened it.

After we were done, we admired our work.

Frida demonstrated the use of the new bedroom window spaces.

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  1. Apparently, when building a tiny house--one can not have too many friends. That wall raising sequence is classic.

  2. Although the wall raisings have worked well, they have been a lot different from what I'd anticipated. So many people expressed interest in helping with the house, I had thought I would host a frame-raising party, giving lots of people an opportunity to come help raise the walls. It turns out that I am terrible at predicting exactly when I will have a wall ready for raising, so planning an event like that simply became too difficult. It also turns out that I simply cannot frame out more than one wall at a time. I've been lucky to have a few regular helpers who are willing to come by multiple times on short notice to raise walls as they are ready so I can keep plodding forward. My apologies to everyone else who wanted to help!

  3. One more thing about wall raisings: At least on my job site, there is this tension in the air during a wall raising. I think it's the big question: Will the wall go up as planned--and fit exactly with the other framing that is already up? It's also exciting because, in a brief period of time, success (sweet!) is within reach. Having a few helpers I know well, who can roll with a few brief flares of temper in the heat of the moment/tension, works great. Add too many players (and opinions), and it just gets chaotic.