Tuesday, August 9, 2011

South Wall 2

George and I started the day down at the river.

No rain today!

When the sun was its brightest, I stayed under cover, cut all the framing pieces for the remainder of the south wall, and built the window headers. When the clouds came out, I started assembling the south wall. Much slower going than when I had help! I think I unscrewed almost as many screws as I drove in. (It's hard to hold things in the right position by myself.)

Unfortunately, I ran out of daylight before I finished.

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  1. So, it looks like you have enough room to build the next part of the wall, even with the wheel wells there, eh?

  2. Actually, no. I can't get a good angle with the drill to attach the studs to the bottom plate that will sit on the wheel-well header, and I definitely can't attach the top plate to the studs. I gave up for the day when I realized the next step is figuring out a way to prop up the whole wall...