Friday, August 5, 2011

East End Bumpout

Debra and I assembled the three pieces of the east end bumpout on Wednesday. In the image below, the lower, wide section of wall is the end piece that will have the double window in it. In the upper portion of the image are two narrow wall pieces that will form the sides of the bumpout.

Debra filled the tiny bays in the larger wall section with insulation before the plywood sheathing was applied. (Had we not added the insulation then, those bays would have been inaccessible from the inside and, therefore, impossible to fill.)

Thursday morning, Steve, Debra, and I raised the east end bumpout wall sections. In the photo below, the end section and left side section have been set in place (but not yet attached with screws). The right side section is just leaning up against the end wall.

The rest of Thursday proved to be SO frustrating! We had endless trouble trying to plumb the bumpout. Every time we started to work on something, the sky just opened up and POURED so we had to scramble and re-cover everything. It seemed like we spent the day spinning our wheels and bailing water. I did figure out along the way that the trailer was no longer level, so we leveled it up again. Finally, at the end of the day, Dale came over and used brute force against some braces to help re-square and re-plumb the northeast corner of the JayBee.

This morning, Debra and I added some braces to hold the corner plumb and square...

...and then screwed everything together again, including the bumpout pieces.

Work still needed on the east end bumpout: plywood sheathing on the exterior of the two narrow side pieces, and roof rafters and sheathing.

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