Monday, August 22, 2011

I Need a Roof!

Maine has unpredictable and variable weather, no doubt. We've had above-average rainfall this summer as well. Keeping the JayBee dry is feeling like a full-time job and sometimes losing battle. Last night, I checked on the JayBee after 8:00 p.m. The tarps looked like they'd hold up through the night of rain we were expecting.

When I looked this morning, this is what I saw!

We'd had a LOT of rain overnight, and very high winds. As horrified as I was, it wasn't as bad as it looks. Most of the water was on top of the tarps, so I was able to pour it off. Over an hour later, I had order restored and all water back out of the JayBee. Now there are rocks hanging off the grommets on the back side, so the tarp won't easily blow off again.

I definitely need to get a roof on this thing soon. If I could at least get the ridge board up, it would be easier to keep the JayBee covered with a tarp.

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