Monday, June 22, 2015

Siding (East Wall) 6

Lots of rain yesterday. We needed it and, besides, it was Father's Day, so no construction was going to happen anyway. It was so humid today! The clay on the east side of the JayBee remained mucky all day, but at least that end is mostly out of the sun, making for a more pleasant working environment.

Two more rows...

Then another...

...and another.

One more row to top it off before tomorrow's rain moves in. Even with all the interwoven corners, the shingling does move along a lot quicker without a special design in the mix.

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People have been asking about the cats. The cats are fine. No momentous shenanigans to report. Well, there was Bear's attack on my leg, but I provoked that by accidentally stepping on his tail. Bear was also climbing up the ladder behind me when I was shingling the gable peak on the south side, but I couldn't get any good pictures of that.

When George isn't outright sleeping or asking for pets and scratches, he mostly has his eyes half open.

And, then, there's Bear.

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