Saturday, July 30, 2011

North Wall 2

Doesn't the following image look familiar?

It really is not the same image as in my last post. Yesterday I picked up more lumber using my new method--this time 1x4s. Guess it didn't take me long to get comfortable transporting lumber this way!

Here is the rest of the north wall as it was being assembled:

Dale came by and helped with adding the sheathing late yesterday. We got lucky; it didn't start to rain until we were done.

Bear was just exhausted!

This morning, Dale and Arlen came over to raise the wall. It was so exciting that it fit together--a bit of a risk when you build a wall in two pieces. (I have no idea what Arlen is pointing at...)

In the following photo, notice the notches high up on the studs. Ceiling joists will be set there for the lower loft over the bed. The ceiling joists for the higher loft will all be bolted to the sides of the studs that are 24" on center. It was trickier on the east/bed end of the house because the loft does not nicely line up with the 24" o.c. studs.

Look how straight this wall is!

I spent the rest of the day futzing with the rest of the sheathing. Finally, the north wall was done! (It would have been nice to take a picture of the whole wall, without the tarp covering part of it, but it's so much work to get the tarp positioned correctly, I didn't bother moving it.)

And covered for the night...

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