Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Day!

I had one of those days today--a day when everything seemed to tick along well. The weather cooperated--a mix of clouds and sun, and no rain. I started early, only to discover first off that I needed a longer 2x4 than I had in order to begin the next bottom plate. I've never transported lumber longer than 10 feet in the back of my tiny car. I did not want to get derailed from making progress, so I dug out the "load stops" I'd purchased for my car's roof rack years ago and headed to the lumber yard. As I loaded 12- and 14-foot 2x4s on the roof of my car, the lumber-yard man helping me said it looked like I'd done this a lot because I appeared to know what I was doing. Ha! (I've heard this feedback before; even if I've never done something before, I can fake it well. :-)

I made it home with my load of lumber in fine shape.

I worked all day on the JayBee. Even when I made a major error that made me re-cut some pieces of lumber, I didn't get discouraged. I just kept plugging on. (The error: I second-guessed my framing drawings. As I started to mark and cut some of the studs that will hold the ceiling joists for the lower loft over the bed, I couldn't figure out why they were so long. I decided the drawing was wrong and cut them shorter. Then, as I started assembling the wall, it dawned on me that I'd made those studs so long in the framing drawing because the wall extends down outside the floor. Duh! At least I discovered this before I'd gone too far with the wall assembly. And screws are a lot easier to undo than nails!)

I was so into what I was doing today that I didn't realize I'd forgotten to take pictures until after I'd covered and put away everything at the end of the day. If the coming thunderstorms hold off tomorrow, I'll have another wall done.

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