Monday, July 25, 2011

The Beginning of Walls

This morning started with a lot of fog...

but it burned off pretty quickly.

I have spent a few days now trying to dive into building the JayBee's walls. It is simply stunning how much time I can spend pondering and wondering--spinning my wheels with all the possibilities and all the considerations that affect what must happen first--to the point of paralysis. Finally! I started cutting wall framing pieces. I had all the pieces cut for the west wall (the simplest wall, so the one I felt comfortable starting with) when I decided I really had to build the north wall first. So, I stored away the pieces for the west wall and began to cut the pieces for the north wall. It is challenging building a wall on the JayBee subfloor because the headers over the wheel wells get in the way. I finally had a system going, and was moving right along, when it started to rain!

The forecast is for thundershowers tomorrow; if that doesn't happen, maybe a wall will get done!

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