Saturday, July 9, 2011

Living Room & Kitchen Floor Joists

I got a late start today...Since it rained again last night and everything was wet, I used this morning to make a run to Home Depot and the grocery store.

I hardly ran a saw today. I spent the whole day fastening joists and braces in the living room and kitchen area of the JayBee. The things that look like weird mushrooms growing in odd spots are actually spray insulation. I filled the few gaps in which the regular insulation won't fit.

The tricky part was beginning to frame in the entryway.

The only floor joists left to attach are the ones for the bedroom bumpout. I just might get to installing some subfloor tomorrow...


  1. After the doldrums of June, July is looking like a great month for your project. (And blog!)

  2. Yes, I'm finally underway with actual building! Everything is taking longer than I seem to think it will...but I keep telling myself slow and steady progress will get the job done.