Friday, July 8, 2011

More Floor Progress

Today was the best day all week for working on my project--not too hot, enough clouds floating by to keep from scorching, and a nice breeze.

I finished the floor joists on the west (bathroom) end of the house!

When I said yesterday that I was screwing down the floor joists, that was an over-simplified description. Most of the joists are sitting directly above the steel ribbing on the trailer, so they can't be simply screwed in place. Where I need to, I'm using braces--so the screws holding each brace in place end up outside the rib of steel.

The joists that span the wheel wells are connected with screws through the wheel wells. I will add one brace to the middle of each of those joists as well.

On the rare occasion that a piece of framing is not sitting on top of steel and I can reach from underneath, like with this piece...

I have screwed up into the piece from underneath the trailer.

The joists that form the cantilevered bathroom bumpout are supported with upside down joist hangers. (I even chiseled the joists a bit so the hangers would lay flush with the joists.)

Where the cantilevered joists intersect the outer sill, I toescrewed the joists to the sill. And, of course, all the joists have adhesive on their undersides. (I should have stock in the company that makes the adhesive, given how much I'm using!)

I just gotta say, the fun part is cutting the pieces of wood. The time-consuming wrangling with all the pieces to get them squared up and connected--not so much fun. Seeing it finally put together as planned is very rewarding, though.

Ta Da! A completed west end. Well...just the floor-joist part. (If the edges look a bit odd, remember that the walls will go up outside the floor.)

While I was working on the JayBee today, I kept hearing an eagle "chattering" above me. Finally, I spotted him/her. I took these photos while standing on my trailer. Not a bad view!

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