Saturday, February 5, 2011

JayBee's Southern Elevation

I re-drew the JayBee's southern elevation today--to incorporate the new information I've learned about the trailer, and to incorporate discoveries I made while drawing the framing for this southern wall. (I posted the drawing in the new "drawings" section in the right-hand navigation. Sorry you have to click twice in order to open the drawing in its own window; I couldn't figure out how to do it any other way.)

I did try to colorize the drawing in Photoshop. Oh, my goodness! I just had to stop. It would have taken me forever.

Notes about the southern elevation:
- yes, there will be steps (a small deck, in fact) in front of that door
- roofing is metal standing seam
- siding is cedar shingles
- it is hard to tell in this drawing, but the door is a step in from the outside edge of the trailer; this will be more obvious in the floor plan (which I will hopefully post this weekend as well)
- at this point, my vision of colors is that the roofing and vinyl outside of the windows will be a forest green; all the siding and trim, and the door, will be natural cedar color
- yes, I know that the convention is to have the tops of all doors and windows aligned; to the right of the door is a bed with a low loft above, which necessitates the lower placement of that window
- all my previous drawings of this elevation included a small window in the gable above the door but, no matter what size or shape, it looked wrong; it looks better to me without trying to squeeze a window in there
- my previous drawing did not include the trim boards at the outer corners and, frankly, I thought it looked better that way; I think the corner trim boards make sense for a house that may travel down the road, however...

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