Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Xtreme

The weather forecast is for more snow--starting tonight and continuing throughout the day tomorrow. Where do you think the new snow can go?

Should I take bets on what date I might be able to take delivery of my travel trailer and begin framing in my JayBee? I have seen photos and stories about people building their tiny houses inside huge shops/garages. That won't be my experience...


  1. Oh my... It does look like Buffalo there! Look where your car is parked!!

    Meanwhile, XTreme weather has hit us here in the form of endless sunshine, which is *not normal at all* for this time of year. It was nice at first of course, but now it's just disturbing.

  2. Weird spot for my car, I know. Come summertime, that's where my fire pit goes. For lack of a better place, my plow guy pushes the snow across my lawn in those two strips you see. I don't normally park in that far one, but I had moved the car there in the middle of the last plow job so he could clean out the spot in front of the door--where I've been parking this winter. You can sort of see in this photo the danger that both my garage and my shop are in from the heavy snow load. If they don't collapse before the weekend, I better work on clearing them off!