Monday, January 31, 2011


I found Rick and Mercy Lauze in Machiasport...and saw my new trailer! Since I did not have a single drawing of my JayBee with me (see earlier Brain Dysfunction posting), I got up on the trailer and walked around, describing for Rick and Mercy just where I plan to locate each thing in the house. This trailer is strong, straight, and very stable! Take a look:

The only thing left to add to the trailer are the wheel wells. I took measurements, so I can refine my JayBee drawings.

Thank you, Rick and Mercy (Northlander Trailers, Machiasport)--builders of my trailer!

When the snow is gone this spring, my trailer will come home.

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  1. The axles are always clustered together like this on a trailer. It takes someone who knows what he's doing to put the axles in the right place so the balance is right. The trailer cannot put too much weight on the hitch when towed, or the trailer will sway dangerously.

    From the Huber AdvanTech FAQ page:
    Why are AdvanTech panels superior to plywood? "AdvanTech products are manufactured with advanced resin technology that creates products that are highly moisture resistant and are stronger than plywood. What does this mean to you? It means you will have a stronger stiffer floor."

    Can I leave AdvanTech panels exposed to the weather?
    "AdvanTech panels are bonded with a resin system that greatly increases their durability when exposed to weather during construction delays... However, the panels are not intended for permanent exposure to the weather. AdvanTech, like most other wood products, is susceptible to decay if exposed to long term high moisture conditions..."

    As long as the trailer is covered while we wait for spring, it should be okay.

  2. OK, got it!

    So, are you going to post any floor plans or drawings?

  3. Funny you should ask... I had planned to post both a floor plan and at least a drawing of the southern exposure by now, but I keep changing things! Seeing the trailer (especially where the wheel wells will be) has me re-working everything. Well, not everything, but you get the idea. While I was snowed in all day today, did I get the drawings redone and posted? No, of course not. But I did purchase a toilet! Baby (and definitely non-linear) steps...