Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Washer/Dryer Update

Since I've had a number of people express concern that stacking my washer and dryer might put their controls out of reach, I thought I'd post a bit more information. I took photos of my washer and dryer and very crudely "stacked" them in Photoshop (dryer on top, washer on bottom).

Note that all of the controls are on the fronts of the units. It appears that the dryer controls will be just above my forehead--not much of a reach up. I won't even have to stand on tip toe to make sure I've removed everything from the dryer!
Now, as long as I make sure there is enough vertical clearance--floor to ceiling--for the units to fit in my tiny house when stacked... :-)

(It's a bit of a stretch to add this post to the "duh" category, but I just had to do it for you, Shannon.)

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