Monday, October 10, 2016

Siding (North Wall) 14

Well, the kayaking excursion did not happen. Instead of the predicted "possibility of a morning shower," we had RAIN all day. No house building occurred yesterday, either. I went back at it today, though. In order to reach up into the gable peak with the shingles, I came up with new ways to use both ladders on the hillside.

First, I got one row added.

And, then, a second row--all except the part above the air exchanger, which I could not reach.

Three rows left to finish up! I'll have to come up with even more creative ladder setups to get it done.

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  1. This is it right? I mean except for that annoying little patch? I was SO hoping to see it finished with this post. (As if I have to tell YOU that.)

  2. I know! I thought it would be so great if I finished the shingling last weekend. But no, still plodding along. Yes, you're right; when I finish these last three rows in this gable peak, I will be completely done with shingles. And you are also right about this: As sick as my followers are of seeing endless one could possibly want it to be done any more than me!
    Nice to know you're still checking in, DWR. I think when I get past the shingling, things on the inside will get interesting.