Sunday, October 30, 2016


It stopped raining today. (We've had tons of rain!) When the sun was out, there were moments it felt warm. When the sun disappeared, the wind felt bitter cold.

I applied the caulk around the last two south-side windows. This means the exterior is done! Even though more exterior work will have to be done when the house gets moved to its eventual foundation (namely the skirting/weatherproofing around the base), I still feel that this is a momentous milestone. Although the caulk is largely invisible to others, completing this step feels more significant to me than stapling up the last shingle. Even though it took me forever, I enjoyed shingling the house. I really dislike applying caulk, however. Having it now done... worthy of a dance party!

All the recent rain has pounded most of the remaining leaves off the trees, which opens up some views of the river.


  1. Congratulations from some guy that has been lurking here for a couple, or more, years.

  2. Thank you so much!
    You are in good company, eriko; everyone who follows my blog is a lurker! :-)
    Given how long this project is taking me, I have extremely loyal lurkers! er, followers
    Uh oh... I feel another "you know you're taking too long" post burbling up.

  3. YAY!! Congratulations! So, you might be able to do some interior work over the course of the winter?

    Remember when you thought this was going to take about a year? *grins*

  4. Hi DWR!

    Quite a milestone, isn't it? I look at the house now, and I shake my head and wonder how it could have taken this long. If I think that, having done all the work, it's no surprise that observers wonder the same thing!

    Yes, on to interior work!