Saturday, October 15, 2016

North Wall is Done! (Siding 15)

Yesterday, I applied the caulk between the north window and the window trim. It took me hours, and I was barely okay with the results. I have tried a half dozen different ways of applying caulk, and I still don't have a method that works smoothly. <sigh>

After that, I installed the two rows of partial shingles above the air exchanger.

I spent most of this morning setting up my final ladder arrangements. Now that I know that some of you are focusing on my hair-raising ladder setups, note that this time, I used some boards to help ensure that the position of the closest ladder did not shift.

First, I cut these boards...

Then, I propped them between the ladder and the wall.

It was worth taking the time to get the ladders set up just so because they were quite stable--and I could just reach the gable peak! I installed another row of shingles.

And then, another row.

Finally, the. last. row. of. shingles. Woo hoo! Took me until sundown, but it's done! Worth doing a jig, or having a party, don't you think?

These are all the shingles I have left over.

I also have these partial pieces of shingles left. I guess I will throw these away and save only the full shingles.

Amazing--how close I came to running out!

Once the north wall was done, I climbed the hillside (risking ticks, poison ivy, and thorns, and sliding around on acorns and clay) to take a set of pictures.

I would like to be able to say that the exterior of the JayBee is completely done--but <sigh> not yet. Once I apply caulk around five more windows, then the exterior will be done.

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Gorgeous supermoon rising over the river tonight--one night before full.


  1. OK. . .I'm happy to see the shingles are done. But I'm going to hold off on the jig until the caulking is done.

    Mid October. Hmm...

  2. Well, phooey :-P
    O ye of little faith, DWR!
    I understand that, given how long everything takes me, you might be a little skeptical.
    But, I might just surprise you!