Saturday, October 1, 2016

Siding (North Wall) 12

Another row of shingles done.

At this point, I broke my shingling rule... The rule, which I managed to follow on the other three sides of the JayBee, was that each row had to be shingled as a complete row. No randomly starting new rows without completely finishing the previous row. I thought following this rule would help me install the rows nice and straight. On the north side, though, when I had three rows left to install at the top, I decided to economize the amount of ladder movements. I installed the top three rows on the west half of the wall--from the window to the end--leaving the east half for later.

For the top three rows, every single shingle has to be custom cut. It's not only the length...They also have to be cut to fit around the rafter tails.

One row done...

Here's a new ladder configuration I used to help me get the top row installed.

Here is George during one of his many moments of "helping" by sitting on the shingles I was in the middle of cutting.

Finished the top row on this side of the wall today in the rain. The west end of the north wall is done!

East half left to go!

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Massive gunfire woke me up at sunrise today. Ah, yes, October 1--the start of bird-hunting season. It is always traumatizing to live in the middle of a firing range (er, otherwise peaceful countryside) during the month of October. Yesterday, the geese were making such a racket on the river, I went down to see if I could snap some shots. The geese were on the near shore of the river. Although there were hundreds of them, they were mostly hidden by the leaves on the trees.

I recorded the geese chatter. Can't see a way to post a sound file on here, though, so you'll have to take my word for it that they were LOUD!

Both cats came with me to visit the geese. Bear disappeared down to the waterfront. I'm sure the geese were happy to see him! George hung out with me.

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