Saturday, August 13, 2016

Siding (North Wall) 5

I finished off the row I'd started yesterday before the rain started. The clay back there is wet and slick today, so I'm not going to push my luck and try to do any more rows right now. (It has happened before that my feet have slipped out from under me and I've ended up underneath the JayBee. Not fun!)

I guess it's obvious that I use painter's tape to mark out each row, in order to line up the bottom edges in something close to a straight line. Why would I mark out vertical lines (as seen below), you ask? Good question. I had this random thought the other day when I wasn't working on the house... The staples I've been using to attach the shingles to the house are really long because...

...I've been painstakingly bending them all over on the inside of the house.

The plan is that this will make the shingles extra secure (and unlikely to blow off) should the house ever travel down the road. What occurred to me the other day is that, with the electric breaker box already installed inside, those long staples would crash right into the back side of it.

When I checked, staples from the most recent row of shingles I had installed had come through the sheathing just one inch below the breaker box. Thought this through just in time! So...on the outside under that north window, I have outlined where the breaker box sits...and, so far, I have remembered to use shorter staples when stapling shingles between those two vertical lines. (It would be just like me to have this great strategy all thought out, and then forget to follow it at some point!)

I had forgotten that driving those really long staples through the walls ends up splintering off bits of plywood sheathing that ricochet around the inside. Below is today's pile that I swept up from the inside of the JayBee. I think this means that no one could every work inside while I'm shingling the outside. It would be deadly! Since I'm building on my own, I guess it's not an issue. :-)

Okay...gonna shift gears a bit until the clay on that north side dries out a little.

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