Friday, August 5, 2016

Siding (North Wall) 2

Here is the second course done. Oh, my goodness, working on that hillside is hard! I was practically standing on my head on the clay to see what I was doing. And there's no way to stand back and assess how straight the rows of shingles are. Gotta say: Despite trying very hard, I think these first rows are quite wavy. Not wavy enough to look like decorative, on-purpose waves. Just wavy enough to look messy. Of course, this would not matter much if the house was always going to sit here against this hillside. After the house gets moved, however, it is this side that people coming up the driveway will see first. <sigh>

Row 3! Between standing on my head to see what I was doing, and cutting shingles to fit around all of the pieces of utility trim, it was slow going. Did not finish until 7:30pm.

Doesn't it look like snow on the ground? That is actually clay that has been buffed to a fine powder by all my stomping back and forth. I was absolutely coated with that dust by the time I finished shingling today.

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