Friday, August 19, 2016

Pocket Door Wall Done!

I realized today that I could finish up the pocket door wall, now that the shower stall is permanently installed.

First, I installed the half-studs between the floor and the header.

Then, after a bit of a struggle (clearly this pocket-door hardware was not designed for a person to install a pocket door by themselves--but I've become a master of figuring out how to do things on my own), I hung the door! Bathroom door closed...

...and open! I'm a little concerned about how far above the subfloor the bottom edge of the door is. I think I did all my careful measuring for this wall back when I was sure I was going to install hardwood floors, and I thought there might be a lip/sill transition between the kitchen and bathroom floors. The door might be too high now that I plan to use porcelain tile on the floor. Hmmm...there's always something!

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George has been more eager than usual to go for walks. He spends time pining in the driveway. Okay, a good part of the time he quickly shifts from pining to sleeping.

He eagerly runs down the driveway whenever he thinks there's a chance he might convince me to go for a walk.

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