Friday, December 18, 2015

Siding (West Wall) 6

Rain, rain, rain. The last few days have been dark and rainy. Even though today began with no rain, everything was so sopping wet, I waited until afternoon to take up the shingling project on the west end. Wet, wet, wet.

Here is everything all set up for shingling. It took me a few minutes to recreate my routine since it has been awhile.

I was zipping along--had installed four or five shingles--when I realized I was neglecting to stain the cut edges. Oops! By the end of the first row, I was back in the swing of it.

Also by the end of the first row, it was raining again. Progress will be slow at this rate.

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Bear was supervising today.

I have added some window candles to the most viewable windows of the JayBee. They are battery powered, and they turn on automatically when dusk sets in. Ho ho ho!

You can't tell from the still photos, but they flicker like candles.

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