Sunday, December 13, 2015

Window Trim is DONE! (Window Trim 9)

Window trim installed on the west awning window.

Here are the metal trim flashing pieces--ready to be installed.

After installing the metal flashing.

All window trim is now done.

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Since it was pretty warm today (high 40s), I decided to tackle a big windowsill project. I have been noticing for some time that the JayBee's windowsills are turning black.

I thought it was mold, but the only windowsill not affected is the one on the north side, which is the one I would imagine would be the most affected. Maybe it's just advanced weathering? In any case, I decided to try to slow the progress of this blackening. Since I had several steps planned for this treatment, and the sills would need to dry between steps, I decided to start first thing. I went out while I was still in my jammies--to brush bleach water onto the sills--and startled four deer who were grazing on the septic field. We all had quite a fright! After making that sharp huffing noise they make when they're startled and warning each other, they took off into the woods. After the bleach dried, I went around and re-stained the windowsills. After the stain dried, I added a layer of the exterior varnish I have used on outdoor furniture. It's probably the only layer I will get on there before the snow flies.

Finally, before the sun set completely, I added blue tape lines to the west end. What does this mean?


Yes, you're right; the tape lines will help me add a row of shingles! Not sure when that will happen, exactly... Maybe next weekend?

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