Saturday, December 12, 2015

Window Trim 8

These last few weekends have been gloriously, unseasonably warm. In addition to cleaning out the garage and getting the old house ready for the winter, I have been working on the window trim for the two awning windows. So many steps involved. First, cutting the pieces. Bear "helped" with the cutting.

Then, I glued up the pieces.

And stained them.

If this trim looks a bit dark, there is a good reason for that. When I cleaned out the garage, I found some great (previously forgotten) cedar pieces that I decided to use for this trim. (The trim around the other windows is poplar.) Even though I used the same cedar stain on this trim that I used for everything else, the fact that the wood is naturally darker to begin with means it has ended up being a slightly darker shade than the other window trim.

I also had to make all the metal flashing pieces that sit on top of the window trim, and paint them. (Forgot to take pictures of that part.)

Here is the trim installed around the east awning window. A little weird, I know, that the trim has no bottom piece that runs underneath the window, but there is not enough clearance between the window and bumpout roof to fit a piece of trim in there.  I'm hoping it will look less weird once the shingles are all installed.

Here is the window with the metal flashing installed on top of the window trim. All done! Yes, it was dark enough that the motion-sensing, light/dark-sensing, outdoor light came on. Since it's dark by 4:30 these days, it seems like I'm always working in the semi-dark.

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Nice days to walk along the river.

Bear has been a nice tag-along walking companion.

Today, I was up on the roof of the old house--strategically applying roofing tar, in order to limp that poor old roof through yet one more winter.

Great views of the river from up here!

Also a great view of the moss garden growing on the part of the roof I never dare go out on, since it is so decrepit.

The JayBee always looks like a toy house from up here.

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