Thursday, October 18, 2012

Entryway 7

A beautiful autumn day here! I spent the entire day on the entryway. Sometimes it's hard to believe how long things take me. Before I could install the cedar boards, I had to install narrow pieces of sheathing in back of the step and below the step. I decided the step was wide enough to need slightly more than two boards, so I found an extra cedar board and ripped a narrow strip to put in the back. After putting preservative on all three boards, I installed them.

Bear was the first to try out the new step.

I found a thin board I could set on the step to protect it from dirt and dings.

Finally, I installed sheathing around the top of the entryway. Working overhead in a tiny space is not an easy thing!

While many trees have completely shed their leaves, the leaves on the large oaks are just now beginning to change color.

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