Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bathroom Storage 2

Here's the bathroom cabinet all finished and in use. It won't sit on the floor of the JayBee; it will be hung on the wall. I decided to use it now not only to have a place to store it until the JayBee is ready for it, but also because it has been helping me downsize my bathroom crap. I've been trying to fit everything that isn't a tall bottle into this cabinet. I've been chucking everything else. Can you say prescriptions dating back to 1995? Yup, it's that bad.

In case anyone is wondering how I come up with these ideas, some of them I cook up completely from scratch (see the office corkboard wall); others, like this bathroom cabinet, start with a bit of inspiration to which I apply a bit of creative modification. The inspiration for this cabinet came from Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects by Spike Carlsen. I found baskets that would fit in the space I knew I had in the corner of the JayBee's bathroom. I modified Carlsen's design to fit my baskets, to have solid shelves, and to have straight up-and-down sides rather than decorative molding around the top (to make it easier to install flush into the corner of the bathroom). Sometimes I draw accurate plans to scale; this time, I just did a quick sketch before starting to build. (The construction process is detailed in Bathroom Storage 1.)

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