Sunday, October 28, 2012

East End Roof 1

Heading into this weekend, I knew I had to batten everything down before high winds from hurricane/storm Sandy arrive in a few days. Bad timing (is there ever a good time to have a big storm blow through?), since I know, if I pack everything away, that probably means I'm done puttering on the JayBee for the winter. I was determined to do one more thing on the JayBee before putting everything away. Since I had drawn the roof framing for the east end bumpout this last week, I thought I'd get that framing done.

First, I gathered a bunch of shorter pieces of 2 x 6s.

Such a beautiful day! It was weird to work outside all day in fine weather, with no hint of a storm brewing, while hearing about the approaching monster storm over the radio.

There were so many ladybugs, they kept landing on my work, in my hair--everywhere.

Cutting tiny rafters...

and cutting complicated compound angles took me all afternoon on Saturday.

Sunday was not nearly as nice. It was all cloudy and cool. Even so, I uncovered the east end of the JayBee.

It took hours to get these rafters installed.

I tried to do the corner rafters as well. I cut and re-cut and re-calculated... Finally, I just had to give up and cover everything up in preparation for Sandy.

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