Monday, October 19, 2015

Roofing 10

I used the templates I made to cut the metal-roofing pieces for the roof valleys.

This involves making diagonal cuts on the top and bottom edges, cutting a notch to fit around the gable roof peak, and pounding flat the upper portion that must lay flat against the main roof peak.

By myself, I managed to install valley pieces along the southeast valley...

... and the southwest valley.

This last weekend, my loyal helpers Arlen and Dale came over to help install sheets of metal roofing.

We all agreed that, if my roof was straight from end to end, or even if I had installed shed dormers instead of gable dormers, we could have easily installed all the roofing in one weekend. But, no, of course not. (All of you who know me may chime in now...) If there's a way that is more difficult, time-consuming, and/or complicated, that is how I will do it! After installing one complete sheet of metal roofing, all pieces that followed had to be custom cut to fit around the south gable.

To add even more complication, it began to shower. Then...

... it began to hail. Yes, hail. On and off... shower, hail, sun, shower, hail, sun.

Arlen started sliding around--losing all traction on the roof. Notice in the photos that he started to counterbalance his weight across the roof peak instead of relying on any traction to hold him up there. For safety reasons, we quit for the day after installing only two sheets of metal roofing.

That night, we had our first frost of the season. And it was a big one! The frost on the JayBee roof was thick the next morning.

Once the roof dried off in the sun, we went back to work. It was cold (warmer when the sun was out!) but we got into a bit of a rhythm. Each roofing piece had to be custom cut to fit the south gable.

Then, it began to snow! We were so surprised, we kept thinking it was pollen. But, no, it was snow. If you look closely at the photo below (it will be bigger if you click it and open it up in its own window), you can see snow on the metal roof--and snow falling as well. Arlen kept saying that of course it was snowing--it's a requirement that it snow during a roofing job. I had been trying to keep us off the roof in 90-degree weather, but I hadn't intended to install it in the snow!

When we quit, we had two gable faces roofed, including the gable ridge vent...

... and one quarter of the main roof covered (with no ridge vent yet).

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