Sunday, October 25, 2015

Roofing 11

When we began working on the roofing again yesterday, it was sunny and nice. In less than an hour, the day became raw cold, with occasional spitting snow--of course.

Since the three usual suspects are all in some of these photos, maybe it's obvious we had an additional helper. Thanks, Steve, for the photos and the help!

Once we finished the angle cuts around the south gable, we zipped right through the rest. Full sheets of metal roofing can go up fast! The south side of the roof is now done.

If you see blue lines in the valleys, those are the remaining remnants of the painter's tape we used to mark the diagonal cuts. I'll get it all off there eventually.

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Right around suppertime tonight, we had a short-lived, torrential rain. Then the sky turned pink!

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