Monday, October 19, 2015

Crawling Along

Thank you, faithful followers, for not giving up on me completely. I have been slowly making progress on the JayBee despite my failure to post regularly.

Here is further progress on the closet wall.

Below it is set in place. See how there is a ladder (for reaching high-up storage in the closet, and for climbing up to the storage loft) inside the closet wall? Once I set this wall in place, I immediately noticed that the closet ceiling light fixture was placed too close to the ladder.

I moved the light fixture back close to the JayBee's outer wall. (Also see in the photo below that the shower stall has been brought inside the JayBee; it is currently sitting where the toilet will be installed.)

I installed the portion of the air exchanger that protrudes through the north wall of the JayBee.

I haven't installed all the interior parts (that require a finished interior wall), but I did install the filters inside it.

On the outside, I used a leftover piece of ice and water shield...

...and installed the exterior vent. (I didn't realize until after the fact that this photo was also a headless selfie.)

The vent sits above the double north window.

The electrician came back one last time because he had neglected to wire up the thermostat that will control the electric radiant heat. In the photo below, the lower box is where the wires from the electric-radiant flooring panels will be connected. The upper box in the photo will house a light switch. Above that is another junction box that will house the thermostat.

Notice also in the photo that there is a wire that runs across this side of the shower-stall wall. I decided it was going to complicate installing my kitchen cabinets, so...

... I moved it into the wall instead.

During one of my JayBee-building days, my brother enjoyed a kayaking adventure on the river. I just happened to see him returning.

I got a really good deal on a portable garage that I plan to use for storage during the winter months. This will give me a temporary, weather-protected place for materials that get delivered without having to fill up the interior of the JayBee--allowing me to work on the inside of the JayBee unencumbered during the winter months.

I began setting up the garage by myself--assuming that I would hit a point when I'd have to ask others to come over and help. 10' x 17' didn't sound very big to me--until I started putting the thing together. Here are the roof-framing pieces together.

Then the side pieces added.

The garage came with 18"-long anchors that screwed into the ground; I securely attached them to the framing pieces.

One end cover put on.

Then the other end.

Then the roof and side walls. Finally, additional metal framing pieces were installed about six inches up from the ground along the inside of the side walls.

I managed to build the whole thing myself! I like it. It's spacious and bright inside. Now to see how it holds up through the snow.

The pear trees kept dropping pear bombs while I was assembling the garage beneath them. Just when I thought I found a large, perfectly-shaped pear, I discovered that a deer had found it first!

Also while I was putting the garage together, a whole bundle of turkeys came parading through. I snapped about a dozen photos, but each photo only captured one or two turkeys each.

In the space of two days, a very LARGE fox ran through my yard twice in broad daylight. I attempted to capture it in photos, but I ended up with a lot of photos of leaves and trees. (Yes, it made me wonder how my indoor-outdoor cats have remained alive all these years...)

Speaking of leaves, I don't have brilliantly-colored leaves around my house. Around here, the oak and ash tree leaves turn a dull yellow-brown and then drop off.  My river view is starting to open up again, however.

From the roof of the JayBee...

When I drive to work, I see brilliant fall colors. When I look out the window while sitting at my desk at work, I can watch this tree going through its autumn changes.

Beautiful night sky the other night. This was actually a crisp, perfect quarter moon--not well captured in this photo.

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