Monday, October 26, 2015

Roofing 12

The first thing I noticed when I began work on the JayBee this morning--the glorious, sunny, bright, colorful day!

I installed the roofing pieces along the north side valleys.

I cut the opening for the east end awning window and flashed the bottom edge of the opening. Can't install the window, though, until I get roofing on the bumpout.

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  1. So it looks like you got almost 3 sides of siding done, and about half the roof. You're running out of 2015 and your last post mentioned a bit of snow. I'm guessing that you're not going to button up the outside of the Jaybee. (But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.) How do you expect the unfinished bits to fare over the winter? Another season of tarp? I'm just genuinely curious. You came so far this year.

  2. Hi DWR!

    Oh ye of little faith! Even though last year's first snow storm fell on November 2, I managed to install most of the housewrap, the ice and water shield, the windows, and the window trim after that. Exterior work on the JayBee didn't grind to a halt until mid January.

    I plan to get the rest of the roofing and the two awning windows installed before we're buried in snow. Not sure about the shingles on the north side; that side might have to wait until next spring. It all depends how much snow we get and how slippery that north-side slope gets. No more tarps! Only used one on the west side last winter; don't plan to use any this winter.

    This is my time of year for building. The temperature didn't get above 50 degrees today, and I was comfortable laboring out there. Not too hot, not too cold. I'm just gonna keep rolling along.