Thursday, September 11, 2014

Roof Framing Wrap-Up

I have some generous people joining me this weekend to help with installing roof sheathing. To that end, I have to finish up all the roof-framing odds and ends. First, I trimmed the rafter tails on the southeast corner.

Then, I trimmed the rafter tails on the northeast corner--so the trimming on the whole east end was done.

Next, I installed blocking all around the east end.

Notice my "helper" up on the east-end bumpout?

Half done...

The blocking on the whole east end is done.

I still have five blocks to install--one on the south side, and four on the north side. I also have to trim the rafter tails on the west end. It's raining today, so it will have to get done tomorrow!

I learned today that I lost my lumber guy. Funny how I thought of Tim at Hammond Lumber as "my lumber guy." He was friendly, helpful, and non-judgmental--just what I needed when putting together lumber orders for my JayBee. Anyway, he has moved to Florida. Tim was also a regular follower of my blog. So, Tim, if you're reading this: Thank you for the help and support. I hope you have fun and a great life in Florida. Even though it seems like it is taking me forever, I will finish this build. I hope you keep following along.

Update: I did get everything done (except trimming the rafter tails on the west end) before we began installing roof sheathing.

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Miscellaneous photos--for your entertainment:

I really liked the light on this day:

I am calling my feet "tiger feet" these days. I have worn the same sandals (Keens with a great toe box and good, grippy soles) for so many months now, my feet have developed a very distinctive tan pattern. See who is trying to steal the shot?

That same buddy--on a walk to the waterfront.

Some of the critters that have visited me this week:

Bear just couldn't stand being left out of the action recently.

So, up he climbed.

When he had had enough, he complained a bit--until, finally, he found his way down again.

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