Saturday, September 13, 2014

Roof Sheathing 1

Roof sheathing day!

We began by pulling all the tarps off the JayBee. The JayBee hadn't been completely uncovered for over three years. She looked naked!

We quickly figured out a routine. While Arlen and Dale installed a piece of sheathing (Arlen up in the rafters, Dale on a ladder on the outside), I cut the next piece of sheathing on the ground. Leave it to me to have a roof design that requires that every single piece of sheathing be cut; none of them got installed as a whole 4' x 8' sheet. Even so, the work moved along quickly.

We worked four hours, and got more than half the roof done. The east end and two dormers are left to do. If the current rain clears out by morning, we hope to finish up tomorrow!

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