Saturday, November 7, 2015

Main Roof is DONE! (Roofing 16)

Arlen and Dale came over today to help with getting the roofing on the north side of the roof. Once we got past the north gable dormer, the rest moved quickly.

The whole time we were working, Bear kept racing around and around the yard. Such a wound-up cat!

The main roof is DONE! Woo hoo! Unbelievable, and so momentous. It's really, truly, finally done.

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  1. Heh. I'm going to flatter myself and believe that you had me in mind when you posted all those sides of a mostly outside-completed Jaybee. Awesome progress on the roof!

  2. DWR: I bet you thought you would never see the day! :-) It is so exciting! (I'm here every day doing the work, and I still wonder how it's possible that it is taking me this long...)

  3. Looks great, Jan! What an accomplishment!

  4. Thanks, Shannon! Step by step...