Sunday, November 29, 2015

West Awning Window (x2!)

The west awning window is the last window I had left to install. I must not have wanted the window installing to end, because I installed the west awning window today--twice. Yes, you read that correctly. I installed the window TWICE.

Let me start from the beginning...

I cut the housewrap to create the opening for the window.

This is the window fully installed, shimmed, and flashed--the first time.

When I installed the interior window hardware and cranked the window open, it was immediately clear that I'd installed it wrong! The window opened to the side instead of from the bottom. Stupid, stupid mistake. (I had assumed the latch belonged on the side of the window, but this window is a Pella window--all the others are Andersens--and the crank goes on the side, the latch on the bottom.)

I quickly started dismantling the entire installation. I told myself to move quickly; I was afraid if I hesitated, I would be tempted to leave the window installed wrong.

After pulling the window out and re-installing it, it actually opened correctly!

The window fully installed--the second time!

Before the sun went down, I managed to install the roofing on the three surfaces of the west bumpout. Five pieces of roof trim come next.

First snow fell last week. Even though it was only a dusting, it stuck around (in north side shadows) for days! And so it begins.

Every time there is a heavy frost, I gaze at the roof on the JayBee and smile.

George basking in the sun today.

Various recent moon and river shots...

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