Monday, November 2, 2015

Roofing 14

Another glorious autumn day--warm (in the 50s), sunny, not too much wind. I could hear deer tromping through the woods, woodpeckers hammering away. ::: contented sigh :::

When I began work on the east bumpout roof, this is how it looked. I had already installed the custom cut flat sheets. Next step: Install the trim over the hip.

The foam and sealant tape went on first.

Then the trim piece.

Next I installed the wall end trim. Caught a ladybug in this photo, too!

One side done.

I managed to install the hip trim and wall end trim on the other side before calling it quits for the day. It was almost dark (gets dark early now!) so the photo isn't too clear.

One more piece of trim left to go on the bumpout--the piece that runs along the top of the roof and under the window; then the bumpout will be completely roofed!

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I was stung by a bee on Friday, and I've been dealing with the sting ever since. I was stung on the right hand in the crook between the thumb and the first finger. Don't know if you can tell in this photo, but that part of my hand has been really swollen! Ice makes it feel better, but the swelling hasn't gone down much.

Hmm... Who's been visiting the JayBee?

Do you see the critter in the photo below?

How about in this closer version? (Answer: There's a chipmunk sitting on the brick on the front left corner of the lumber pile--eating an acorn.)

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