Monday, September 7, 2015

New Season, New Plan

It may be quite hot and humid at the moment, but there is no denying that the seasons are shifting. The sun goes down so early now! And those long, distinctive shadows in the afternoon... <sigh> A new school year has started. Summer is on its last gasp.

I think I am coming to grips with the fact that I really am a very slow house builder. I am still very enthused and committed to the project. I also don't seem to have any desire to try to speed up my process. I would rather continue to mosey along, working thoughtfully and methodically, having the time to shift my plans as new, creative ideas come to mind. All this means that I know I have no chance of finishing the JayBee before the next winter season. That means spending another winter in my old wreck of a house. That does not exactly thrill me, but I do think it is the best decision. This will allow me not only to finish building the JayBee but also to finish the monumental job of downsizing myself out of the old house.

I have started to work for pay again--part time. While it is sad not to be working on the JayBee 100% of the time, it does feel good to have some money coming in--to counterbalance some of what goes out. So far, working part time is leaving me plenty of energy to work on the JayBee during my off hours.

My recent progress...

The electrician came back to make adjustments to the wiring. That west-loft window framing is now free of wires, so I will be able to install the awning window there. The extra outlets I needed are installed. For some reason not shared with me, the electrician did everything on the list except attach wiring to the thermostat--so I cannot declare the wiring to be completely done.

Here are only a small portion of the templates I have created to help me cut pieces of metal roofing for the roof. Now that the electrician is basically done with his work, I think I can let roofing pieces proliferate all over the floor of the JayBee.

I have been working on the half of the JayBee's closet that will have permanently-installed walls (as opposed to the half that will swing open on ball bearings). After spending way too much time staring at the space, I had this great brainstorm: I decided to install a ladder on the inside of the closet wall that will be used to access storage high up in the closet and to climb up into the west storage loft. Here is that closet wall in process.

I pegged all the holes where I drove screws to hold the ladder rungs in place.

I would have finished sanding the ladder framing...if my sander had not broken before I was done.

I mentioned those long shadows... See who is sleeping in the irises?

I like going down to the river late in the afternoon because the light can be so spectacular then. Bear often comes with me.

A couple of days ago, George came with us as well!

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