Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Siding (South Wall) 1

With all the staining of cedar shingles I did this winter, you might imagine that I would have shingles ready to start siding the JayBee. Nice thought, but wrong. When I was staining shingles, I kept setting aside the more beat up shingles to use for the starter course because they will be completely covered with other shingles. So, yesterday, I cut those shingles down for the starter course, and I stained them.

Then I built a guide to use to help me place the starter course even and level.

Installing the guide by myself was a challenge but, eventually, I got it done.

When I started installing the starter course this morning, I was (briefly) zipping along. Then I encountered all the spots that needed special carving.

Like around the wheel well.

Every time I cut a shingle, I also have to stain the cut edges. Very slow going. I switched to the other end, but then had to cut every shingle that goes under and around the entryway step.

Eventually I finished the starter course.

Next, I lowered the guide by a half inch. By having the outer shingles hang down a half inch over the starter course, the shingles will drain water better.

I had to repeat all the individual cuts I made on the starter course on this set of shingles as well.

Finally, by the end of the day, the bottom row of shingles was done!

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First thing this morning, two deer were eating on the hillside directly behind the JayBee. One of the deer and I stared at each other without moving for quite awhile--until Bear came along and startled the deer. Here it is bounding up the hill.

Here's the culprit...with the deer watching us from on top of the hill.

It turns out there was a family of four deer hanging out behind the JayBee--a big mama and three adolescents. I didn't get any more photos, but I enjoyed watching them on and off for almost an hour.

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