Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Roofing 7

I thought I might be able to install the drip edge on the dormers, but the snow up there lingers on and, while it's melting, it runs down the valleys--right where I would be working.

During the warmth yesterday, I managed to cut up and move the huge willow branch that fell and froze to the ground during last week's storm. Since it was too close to the driveway and would have gotten in the way of the plow guy, I was glad I could dislodge it. (The branch is to the left of the driveway in the photo below. Also see George sitting in the snow?)

Here's my new procedure for opening up the JayBee entry so I can work. It was quite cold today but, when the sun is out, I can convince myself that it is warmer than it really is.

I decided to work on the drip edge on the west end of the house. From there, I could see that the dormer valleys were still snow-covered.

While I was working on installing drip edge (up the ladder, down the ladder, up the ladder, down the ladder...), Bear decided to climb "his" ladder.

...and, then, climb back down again.

One piece of drip edge installed on the west end...

...and then both done.

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